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Mihály Munkácsy (born.: Mihály Lieb, Munkacs, February 20, 1844 - Endenich, Germany, May 1, 1900), Hungarian painter.

Mihály Munkácsy is considered to have been the greatest artist in the history of Hungary and one of the greatest of Europe. A joiner apprentice in his youth, he fought his way up from great depths to become an exceptional and famous painter, winning the hearts and minds of the art community and public alike with his compositions on huge canvases. A European, a Christian, and a Hungarian citizen, Munkácsy was also a great “sociologist," knowing equally well the urban and rural communities of Europe and Hungary. He studied and painted people with great artistic skill and care. He was a romantic realist painter who always created novel, unique works. He painted on large canvases and depicted rich human characters, using light, shade and color in ways that foreshadowed the colourful wide-screen films of the 20th century. But producing his vast life work of 650 paintings demanded great diligence and strenuous intellectual and physical effort. He suffered periods of depression and even attempted suicide. Continuing to paint nearly to the end of his life, he died in 1900 at the relatively young age of 56. 


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