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About The Munkácsy Foundation

Founder: Imre Pákh

Name of the Foundation: Munkácsy Foundation

Address: 1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 44

Mission of the Foundation:

1)     To restore, preserve, and make available to as many people as possible the oeuvre of Munkácsy as well as the history of this                 remarkable artist.

2)      To conduct, facilitate and publish research about the artist and his work, especially the discovery of previously unidentified                       paintings.

3)      To provide a forum for exchanging views and opinions among those interested in culture, society, science and politics.

For us, Mihály Munkácsy is a kind of cultural "Hungaricum," representing the talent, quality, and character of the Hungarian people, and a force that can help unite and mobilize the Hugarian nation. Indeed, the artist himself echoed this sentiment when he wrote in one of his letters:

“I think the highest glory is when I, as faithful son of my country can increase the fame and glory of my homeland.”

This is a guiding principle of our Foundation as well.

Most of the current cultural and scientific institutions in Hungary were established and operated by the former so-called socialist system. These institutions remain leftist today, 20 years after the change of the political system, and do not have the trust of the majority of the people. The national majority of Hungary needs to have its own scientific and cultural “voice.”

Our Foundation will both provide that voice and serve as a platform for it. We plan to be an active, reliable, stable participant in the dialogue; a vanguard of cultural change; and to recognize and promote the outstanding artistic and cultural activities in Hungary.

Main activities of the Foundation:

  • Culture-related activities, research, education, and training; search for artistic talent; conservation and protection of cultural traditions, heritage, artistry and monuments; organization and implementation of cultural events; and other services to organizations of public utility.
  • Providing a forum for exchanging views and opinions among those interested in culture, society, science and politics.

More specifically, the Foundationis involved with:

  • Conducting, facilitating and publishing research on the life and works of Mihály Munkácsy. Since we know the whereabouts of only half of the 650 paintings by this artist, we are especially focused onthe discovery, categorization and presentation of previously unidentified paintings.
  • Publication of a new, updated and detailed monograph about the artist, and the 1000 letters he wrote.
  • Authentication of the paintings using state-of-the art technology.
  • Preservation of the artist’s works.
  • Cataloging works of art focusing on the life of Munkácsy: film, opera, musical and/or ballet productions.
  • Organizing exhibitions of the artist’s works in Vienna, Paris, Moscow, Kiev. London, Munich, and New York.
  • Inspiring, recognizing and supporting the work of our young talents through our Foundation’s ”Excellence Award.”
  • Updating the public and Foundation supporters about the above activities via our website.

Our Munkácsy memorial exhibitions have drawn 1.1 million visitors, representing the largest active community in Hungary and testifying to the interest in this artist. We look forward to growing this following even more as we organize future events and exhibitions, and through the many and varied avenues of modern communications.


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